12.2 Grid Patching lesson learned

What happend? During the last month I updated manually the TFA Software. I  do this update while the TFA release installed via the Patchset is an older Version. This happens while Oracle Support adds the TFA release which is available while they create the Patchset. Last weekend I start Patching GI Software 12.2 to RU„12.2 Grid Patching lesson learned“ weiterlesen

opatch lsinv doesn’t show Patching level of clusternodes

      We had a strange behaviour while running the „opatch lsinv“ in our Clusterware environment. The opatch tool doesn’t show at the end the patchlevel and the name of the nodes itself. It seems that during a lot of patch actions on this cluster that we lost the information inside the inventory.xml file that the„opatch lsinv doesn’t show Patching level of clusternodes“ weiterlesen