IB Switch „cable Is Present On Port ‚N‘ But It Is Polling For Peer Port“


It is seldom but from time to time you have ports on the IB Switches which are not used

Also it could be possible that your monitoring here Cloud Control 12c came up with a message

„cable Is Present On Port ‚N‘ But It Is Polling For Peer Port“ this is a known bug 15937297 in

So to fix this you have two possibilities:

  • remove the monitoring of the alert within Cloud Control 12c 
  • the unused connector on the IB switch ports can be safely disabled on the IB switch

I use the second way by using the „disableswitchport [–reason=reason] connector | ibdev port“ command

So here are the steps

  • In my example I would like to disable Port 5, 6, 7
  • ssh  sexa11-ib01
  • listlinkup
  • check the status of ports
  • disableswitchport

Here my example

[root@sexa11-ib01 ~]# listlinkup


Connector 13A Present <-> Switch Port 09 is up (Enabled)
Connector 14A Present <-> Switch Port 07 is down (Enabled)
Connector 15A Present <-> Switch Port 05 is down (Enabled)
Connector 16A Present <-> Switch Port 03 is up (Enabled)
Connector 17A Present <-> Switch Port 01 is up (Enabled)
Connector 9B Present <-> Switch Port 13 is up (Enabled)
Connector 10B Present <-> Switch Port 15 is up (Enabled)
Connector 11B Present <-> Switch Port 17 is up (Enabled)
Connector 12B Present <-> Switch Port 12 is up (Enabled)
Connector 13B Present <-> Switch Port 10 is up (Enabled)
Connector 14B Present <-> Switch Port 08 is up (Enabled)
Connector 15B Present <-> Switch Port 06 is down (Enabled)
Connector 16B Present <-> Switch Port 04 is up (Enabled)

Here the disable for Port 6

[root@sexa11-ib01 ~]# disableswitchport --reason=Blacklist 15B
Disable connector 15B Switch port 6 reason: Blacklist
Adminstate:......................Disabled (Blacklist)
LinkWidthEnabled:................1X or 4X
LinkWidthSupported:..............1X or 4X
LinkSpeedSupported:..............2.5 Gbps or 5.0 Gbps or 10.0 Gbps
LinkSpeedActive:.................2.5 Gbps
LinkSpeedEnabled:................2.5 Gbps or 5.0 Gbps or 10.0 Gbps

After the disable

[root@sexa11-ib01 ~]# listlinkup
Connector 14A Present <-> Switch Port 07 is down (Blacklist)
Connector 15A Present <-> Switch Port 05 is down (Blacklist)
Connector 15B Present <-> Switch Port 06 is down (Blacklist)

If you need the ports back you enable it via enableswitchport






Exdata Lifecycle / Patching


Operate an Exadata Database Machine means you have to manage the Lifecyle. One major task is the regular patching of the whole Exa Stack.

This blog article give you an overview about the Patching.

First remember which components are part of the lifecycle.

Following the component and the tool.


    • opatch (oplan)
  • DB Node
    • patchmgr (that’s new since Oct 2015)
  • Storage Grid
    • patchmgr
  • Network
    • patchmgr

Before starting the Patching you need to do a bullet proof planing otherwise you fail.

For a Quarter Rack with lets say 10 Production databases you need a planing phase of more or less 2-3 weeks.

How to setup a recommendation?

  • Analyze your ORACLE_HOMES
  • Check existing SR for every database
  • Meet with your Application Manager
  • Use Oracle Tools like exachk
  • Use the conflict analyzer in MOS

exachk will be your best friend

Check the My Oracle Support Note 1070954.1 and install the latest version

First take a look of the table of contents


and one very important table is the recommended version overview


What will be the best recommendation?

It doesn’t give an easy answer while Oracle has a lot of possibilities for the Patching:

  • the QFSDP the Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch
  • or Standalone Patchsets for every Component like Infinband, Cell Server, DB-Node and so on

So the decision has to be taken by the whole team of Application Manager and Oracle DBA’s and System Administrator

Weiterlesen „Exdata Lifecycle / Patching“

Oracle Exadata Software


Since February 2016 Oracle released a new Version of the Exadata Software.

The Release is

Here a short overview

  • very fast Software Updates
  • VLAN Support in the Exadata Deployment Assistant for networks
  • High Redundancy for Quarter and Eighth Racks
  • a new Quorum Disk Manager utility as command line tool
  • Create Diagpack for tracefiles and alerts
  • Firmware Update for hard disk controller on X2-2, X3-2, X4-2, X2-8, X3-8, X4-8
  • new InfiniBand Switch Firmware 2.1.8-1
  • ILOM / BIOS Firmware Update
  • Storage Index Preservation across Rebalance

All details can be found in the Exadata Documenation:




New exachk version available


Oracle Support released a new exachk Version

What is new?

  • all related checks in the same place
  • new checkboxes at the top of the report to allow you to selectively show or hide checks based on their status
  • all checks which have passed are hidden by default
  • E-Business Suite checks are now grouped by the module they apply to and the E-Business Suite
  • Reduced execution time
  • Improved security for files and connection details
  • receive HTML report via email from adhoc exachk run
  • asrexacheck 4.0 released and integrated
  • exachk output now also available in JSON format which can be utilized by non-Oracle monitoring and analytics tools
  • Enhanced email configuration functions

So keep your exachk uptodate.

DOAG 2015 & Gründungstreffen Interessengemeinschaft „Engineered Systems“


Endlich ab Dienstag, den 17.11.2015 geht es los. Die DOAG Konferenz & Ausstellung startet in Nürnberg.

Ein dreitägiges Vortragsprogramm mit mehr als 400 Vorträgen und internationalen Top-Rednern sowie ein breitgefächertes Community-Programm.

Ich möchte im Besonderen auf das Gründungstreffen der Interessengemeinschaft „Engineered Systems“ hinweisen.


Wir kommen am Mittwoch, den 18.11.2015 ab 17:00 Uhr im Foyer Oslo Ebene 2 zusammen.

Wie versprochen nun die vorläufige Tagesordung:

  • Begrüßung der Teilnehmer
  • ODA News von der OOW 2015
    • Tammy Bednar Oracle Director of Product Management ODA
  • Exadata News von der OOW 2015 und Exadata in Deutschland
    • Frank Schneede Leitender Systemberater Oracle Deutschland
  • Vorstellung und „Konzept“ der Interessengemeinschaft „Engineered Systems“ mit offener Diskussion
    • Stefan Panek, DOAG Themenverantwortlicher Engineered Systems

Ich freue mich auf viele Teilnehmer und eine spannende Diskussion. :-)


Call for Paper für den Exaday 2016 läuft noch …


Der Call for Paper für den Exaday 2016 in Hamburg läuft noch bis zum 7.12.2015


Wir suchen unter anderem Themen wie Projektberichte Einführung Exadata, Erfahrungen mit Exadata oder ODA, Best Practices, Lifecycle, Features, Migrationen nach Oracle 12c, Einsatz anderer Engineered Systems, usw.

alle Weiteren Details finden Sie unter http://exaday.doag.org/de/home/





ORA-15137 ASM Cluster in “rolling patch mode” new disk can’t be rebalanced

What happened?

We patch our cluster with the a PSU but we did not recognize that the cluster was afterwards in rolling patch state. A few days later we had a defect disk in one cell server. The disk was changed and we got an error message.

ASM alert.log

SQL&gt; /* Exadata Auto Mgmt: DROP ASM Disk */
alter diskgroup DBFS_DG drop;
 disk DBFS_DG_CD_08_S1R8CD5;
 force rebalance nowait

ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15137: The ASM cluster is in rolling patch state.

So what can be done to get the disk group rebalanced. First we stop the rolling patch mode on the ASM Instance which could be done with the following command


Looking to the Cell Server we saw that the new disk was now known by the Systems but the Grid disks are offline.

CellCLI> list griddisk attributes name,asmmodestatus,asmdeactivationoutcome
 DATA_CD_08_s1r8cd5 OFFLINE Yes
 DBFS_DG_CD_08_s1r8cd5 OFFLINE Yes
 RECO_CD_08_s1r8cd5 OFFLINE Yes

So we saw that the Grid disks are offline

CellCLI> alter griddisk DATA_CD_08_s1r8cd5 inactive;
GridDisk DATA_DG_CD_08_s1r8cd5 successfully altered

CellCLI> alter griddisk DBFS_DG_CD_08_s1r8cd5 inactive;
GridDisk DBFS_DG_CD_08_s1r8cd5 successfully altered

CellCLI> alter griddisk RECO_DG_CD_08_s1r8cd5 active;
GridDisk RECO_DG_CD_08_s1r8cd5 successfully altered


While doing these steps the rebalance on the disk groups starts automatically.

ASM alert.log
alter diskgroup DBFS_DG drop disk DBFS_DG_CD_08_S1R8CD5
force rebalance nowait;
After a few hours the disk groups are in “sync”.

We fixed this problem on the ASM instance but on the Grid Infrastructure level we have a different patchlevel if we do an “opatch lsinv”. To fix this problem I write a second blog article. stay tuned


New exachk Version released


Oracle Support released Exachk Version The whole description was found as MOS article “Oracle Exadata Database Machine Exachk or HealthCheck (Doc ID 1070954.1)”.

What are the innovations: a lot of Bugs are fixed.

New Functions

Auto-update when in daemon mode without user intervention
Automatic download from My Oracle Support
GoldenGate support
Siebel support

New Features

Support for X5 hardware and Exadata software version
Support for Virtual Machines on Exadata
Support for asymmetrically distributed RDBMS homes
Exadata, Supercluster,Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
Support for Single Instance using Oracle Restart
New report section: “Infrastructure Software and Configuration Summary”
Exadata, Supercluster,Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
New report section: “Findings needing further review”
New report section: “Platinum”
Exadata, Supercluster
Functionality for pre-patching subset of checks “-prepatch”

I just installed the new version and I hope that the new „pre-patching“ function works fine because it should be a great help in the future.