OOW 2016 erster Tag

Der erste Tag auf der OpenWorld 2016. Es war ein Tag zum „Warmlaufen und orientieren“. Das Dominate Thema war „Oracle Cloud“. Zur neuen Oracle 12c Rel. 2 durfte bis auf eine Folie in der Keynote von Larry Ellison nichts gesagt werden. Larry Ellison wird 12c Rel. 2 am Dienstag in seiner zweiten Keynote vorstellen. Viele„OOW 2016 erster Tag“ weiterlesen

ASM „corrupted metadata block“ check via amdu / kfed (Part 1)

Last week we had a crash on our Exadata ASM Instance and we are not amused about this but we restart the instance and start working as usually. About the environment: „GRID Software is Release 12.1 but the diskgroups are compatible“ To be save we start a check on the DATA diskgroup. The check„ASM „corrupted metadata block“ check via amdu / kfed (Part 1)“ weiterlesen

Exdata Lifecycle / Patching

Operate an Exadata Database Machine means you have to manage the Lifecyle. One major task is the regular patching of the whole Exa Stack. This blog article give you an overview about the Patching. First remember which components are part of the lifecycle. Following the component and the tool. GRID & RDBMS opatch (oplan) DB Node„Exdata Lifecycle / Patching“ weiterlesen

X5-2 Jan2016 GI – Bug 22135419 – 12C GRID HOME PERMISSIONS NOT RESET

    The last days I did a Upgrade on a Exadata X5-2 Machine including the GRID Software. During the GI Patching  (Patch 22243551) there was no error message. But after a short while we get a lot of errors from the Database alert.logs. The error message means that the „group id“ (gid) was not„X5-2 Jan2016 GI – Bug 22135419 – 12C GRID HOME PERMISSIONS NOT RESET“ weiterlesen

Oracle Exadata Software

Since February 2016 Oracle released a new Version of the Exadata Software. The Release is Here a short overview very fast Software Updates VLAN Support in the Exadata Deployment Assistant for networks High Redundancy for Quarter and Eighth Racks a new Quorum Disk Manager utility as command line tool Create Diagpack for tracefiles and„Oracle Exadata Software“ weiterlesen

opatch lsinv doesn’t show Patching level of clusternodes

      We had a strange behaviour while running the „opatch lsinv“ in our Clusterware environment. The opatch tool doesn’t show at the end the patchlevel and the name of the nodes itself. It seems that during a lot of patch actions on this cluster that we lost the information inside the inventory.xml file that the„opatch lsinv doesn’t show Patching level of clusternodes“ weiterlesen

Oracle Exadata and the glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-7547)

  I think most of us heard about the „glibc“ vulnerability (CVE-2015-7547). We had a lot of Exadata Servers  and so we discuss how we could install the new rpm’s. Yes, it seems to be no problem while My Oracle Support Doc-ID 2108582.1 describes what we had to do and by the way at the end of this procedure you had„Oracle Exadata and the glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-7547)“ weiterlesen

Clone ORACLE_HOME before installation of One-Off Patch

We received a task from the quality department they need to test a new One-Off Patch in the test environment but we should not patch the actual installed version on this machine. What could be a solution? Often DBA’s install in this situation the whole Oracle Software stack from scratch and afterwards they patch this„Clone ORACLE_HOME before installation of One-Off Patch“ weiterlesen