exachk 18.2.0_20180518 released

Oracle released the new Version of exachk. The version is shown as 18.2.0_2018052018 so far so good. The next sentence in the Note is: „What’s new in exachk may be found in the „What’s New in″ section of the User’s Guide available here..“ The new Release model from Oracle is really confusing. From my point„exachk 18.2.0_20180518 released“ weiterlesen

Secure Erase of an Exadata System

What has to be done when the Lifecycle of an Exadata System comes to the end. You need to do an secure erase of DB and Storage nodes. By the way you can also secure erase the Switches and PDU, etc. but this is not described in this article. Documentation https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E80920_01/DBMSQ/exadata-secure-erase.htm#DBMSQ-GUID-DE6BBDF7-6BCB-412B-AD1E-E0FFEEFCC3AA and  My Oracle Support„Secure Erase of an Exadata System“ weiterlesen

Oracle Essential Support Tools im Exadata Umfeld

Mein DOAG Vortrag zum Thema „Oracle Support wie gehe ich vor und welche Tools setze ich im Exadata Umfeld ein“ Exadata_Oracle_Support_V1.1 Hinweis: In der Zwischenzeit hat Oracle eine neue Version den Trace File Analyzer bereitgestellt die man dann auch einsetzen sollte. Einfach über die Doc-ID suchen. TFA Collector – TFA with Database Support Tools Bundle„Oracle Essential Support Tools im Exadata Umfeld“ weiterlesen

Exadata Flash Cache enabled for Write Back

During Tests for an Migration of a major customer application we saw in our AWR reports that most of the jobs are very write intensive. This was the point where we would like to test what happens when we change the Flash Cache Mode from Write Through to Write Back. What are the main benefits of„Exadata Flash Cache enabled for Write Back“ weiterlesen

Important Change for Grid 12.2 Upgrade and MGMTDB

I just did an Grid Infrastructure Update to Oracle 12.2 with the latest PSU Aug 2017. I did my preparation with the help of the Doc ID 2111010.1 „12.2 Grid Infrastructure and Database Upgrade steps for Exadata Database Machine running and later on Oracle Linux“ In the Post-upgrade Steps was written that the Management DB should„Important Change for Grid 12.2 Upgrade and MGMTDB“ weiterlesen

Flashback in a Data Guard Environment but what are the steps

The Setup of an Data Guard environment with Physical Standby via Data Guard Broker was done including an Switchover. Everything fine and works as expected. (Oracle Release is and PSU Jan 2017). The Dev Team asked for a Flashback Database if possible a few days ago. Okay no problem. But what do I have„Flashback in a Data Guard Environment but what are the steps“ weiterlesen

Problems with Adaptive Features in What’s to do?

The Adaptive Features is divided in two parts Adaptive Plans the possibility to change plans during execution Adaptive Statistics the statistics allow plans to be built from the results of previous executions Version 12.1  In 12.1 both components  will be managed by the parameter „optimizer_features_enable“ and is per default on „TRUE“. Version 12.2 In 12.2„Problems with Adaptive Features in What’s to do?“ weiterlesen

Oracle RU is available

Today Oracle released a very large „monster“ Upgrade. This July 2017 Update includes the first time the new RU „Release Upgrade“ and RUR „Release Update Revision“ Patches. To be up to date read the following My Oracle Support Doc-ID’s MOS Note:742060.1 – Release Schedule for Current Database Releases MOS Note: 2285040.1 – Release Update and„Oracle RU is available“ weiterlesen