exachk 18.4 does not run database

For all of you who use exachk and have updated to exachk Version 18.4. There is a known Bug on Oracle databases

While running exachk as root user the program try to connect to the database and this will no work.

You saw the following message:

„OS authentication is not enabled so please enter sysdba privileged user name for <User name>:- sys

Enter password for sys@<User name>:-



ERROR at line 1:

ORA-01012: not logged on

Process ID: 0

Session ID: 0 Serial number: 0“


The workaround is to use „-shell“ option when calling exachk

# ./exachk -a -o v -shell







4 Gedanken zu “exachk 18.4 does not run database

  1. Just tried this trick with version 18.4.2 of orachk on our ODA and it did not work. Haven’t experienced this issue with exachk, but we are running databases, not 12c.

    BTW, I had an SR open for this issue with orachk and after two weeks their recommendation was to downgrade orachk. LOL.


    • Hi Siva,
      sorry a little bit late.
      If possible use the latest version which is the AHF 19.3 for Exadata.
      exachk 18.4 is an old version the future is AHF :-)



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