Exadata troubleshooting easy with GetExaWatcherResults.sh

If you have for example a performance problem or a crash on your Exadata Machine and you need an overview about the machine then use the very powerful tool „GetExaWatcherResults.sh“ which based on the data of Exawatcher.

GetExaWatcherResults.sh give you a details about:

  • CPU utilization and details
  • IO Summary
  • and more

GetExaWatcherResults.sh will generate very good graphics and that is what I will show now.

How is the way to get these graphs?

Login as "root"

cd /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher

GetExaWatcherResults.sh --from 02/23/2018_08:00:00 --to 02/23/2018_13:00:00 --resultdir /tmp/exawatcher_230218

Next step

cd /tmp/exawatcher_230218

bunzip2 the archive and un tar it

tar xvf ExaWatcher_exa31_2018-02-23_08_00_00_5h00m00s.tar


Change to the newly created directory and you find the following files



Start a Browser on the Server or copy the files to your notebook and start analyzing

open the "index.html" files

here the details



It is easy to answer questions like

  • What is the CPU usage on Friday between 09:00 an 14:00 o’clock?
  • Where do we have a CPU peek during the business hours?

No problem with „GetExaWatcherResults.sh“ and if needed go deeper with other tools for example „awr – report“ on the database itself or an „ash-report“

Try it. It’s very helpful :-)





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Oracle and Unix Professional, main focus on Oracle HA - Systems including Exadata Systems

2 Kommentare zu „Exadata troubleshooting easy with GetExaWatcherResults.sh

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the info but i am unable to get the html file after following all your steps.
    I am getting below directories which have a lot of .bz2 files each.

    [root@oex2db01 ExaWatcher]# ls
    Diskinfo.ExaWatcher IBCardInfo.ExaWatcher Lsof.ExaWatcher Netstat.ExaWatcher oswmeminfo oswps Ps.ExaWatcher Vmstat.ExaWatcher
    ExadataOSW IBprocs.ExaWatcher MegaRaidFW.ExaWatcher oswcellsrvstat oswmpstat oswslabinfo RDSinfo.ExaWatcher
    ExadataRDS Iostat.ExaWatcher Meminfo.ExaWatcher oswdiskstats oswnetstat oswtop Slabinfo.ExaWatcher
    ExtractedResults LGWR.ExaWatcher Mpstat.ExaWatcher oswiostat oswprvtnet oswvmstat Top.ExaWatcher


    1. Hi Dipti,
      sorry I am little bit late.

      You need to unzip the Files which you need and please check the Oracle Exadata Documentation
      because Oracle has changed a few things in the latest Exdata Software Releases.



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