Exadata troubleshooting easy with GetExaWatcherResults.sh

If you have for example a performance problem or a crash on your Exadata Machine and you need an overview about the machine then use the very powerful tool „GetExaWatcherResults.sh“ which based on the data of Exawatcher.

GetExaWatcherResults.sh give you a details about:

  • CPU utilization and details
  • IO Summary
  • and more

GetExaWatcherResults.sh will generate very good graphics and that is what I will show now.

How is the way to get these graphs?

Login as "root"

cd /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher

GetExaWatcherResults.sh --from 02/23/2018_08:00:00 --to 02/23/2018_13:00:00 --resultdir /tmp/exawatcher_230218

Next step

cd /tmp/exawatcher_230218

bunzip2 the archive and un tar it

tar xvf ExaWatcher_exa31_2018-02-23_08_00_00_5h00m00s.tar


Change to the newly created directory and you find the following files



Start a Browser on the Server or copy the files to your notebook and start analyzing

open the "index.html" files

here the details



It is easy to answer questions like

  • What is the CPU usage on Friday between 09:00 an 14:00 o’clock?
  • Where do we have a CPU peek during the business hours?

No problem with „GetExaWatcherResults.sh“ and if needed go deeper with other tools for example „awr – report“ on the database itself or an „ash-report“

Try it. It’s very helpful :-)





2 Gedanken zu “Exadata troubleshooting easy with GetExaWatcherResults.sh

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the info but i am unable to get the html file after following all your steps.
    I am getting below directories which have a lot of .bz2 files each.

    [root@oex2db01 ExaWatcher]# ls
    Diskinfo.ExaWatcher IBCardInfo.ExaWatcher Lsof.ExaWatcher Netstat.ExaWatcher oswmeminfo oswps Ps.ExaWatcher Vmstat.ExaWatcher
    ExadataOSW IBprocs.ExaWatcher MegaRaidFW.ExaWatcher oswcellsrvstat oswmpstat oswslabinfo RDSinfo.ExaWatcher
    ExadataRDS Iostat.ExaWatcher Meminfo.ExaWatcher oswdiskstats oswnetstat oswtop Slabinfo.ExaWatcher
    ExtractedResults LGWR.ExaWatcher Mpstat.ExaWatcher oswiostat oswprvtnet oswvmstat Top.ExaWatcher


    • Hi Dipti,
      sorry I am little bit late.

      You need to unzip the Files which you need and please check the Oracle Exadata Documentation
      because Oracle has changed a few things in the latest Exdata Software Releases.



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