Secure Erase of an Exadata System

What has to be done when the Lifecycle of an Exadata System comes to the end.

You need to do an secure erase of DB and Storage nodes.

By the way you can also secure erase the Switches and PDU, etc. but this is not described in this article.


and  My Oracle Support Doc ID 2180963.1

Steps to do

I use the method via bootable USB Stick

Download Boot Image via Patch 25470974

You need a complete list of all DB and Storage node names including all IP addresses of each ILOM Server

Tip: Before you start reset the password on each Server for example „welcome1“

Prepare USB Stick

I use my Mac book and do a „dd“ to copy the image to the USB Stick

dd if=image_diagnostics_12. of=/dev/disk2

Start a ILOM Web Console Login for the first Server

In parallel start a ILOM terminal console session to do a restart of the first Server

While the reset is running the Web  Console came up with the BIOS Splash screen. Please  enter


It takes a while and you see the boot menu

Select the USB Stick and press enter to start

the Boot Screen appears

Now it is time to check the output on the ILOM terminal console. You will see after a while a „login:“ prompt

Login as "root" password "sos1exadata" or "sos1Exadata"

If the password doesn’t work contact Oracle Support for help

Depending which Server you are connected to „DB node“ or „Storage node“ you saw the available disks and devices.

The following screen shots are an example

The program for the erase process is



Example output

secureeraser --list --all

DB Node

Storage Node

Now an example to erase the devices of an DB Node

„– output“ creates a pdf document with all details

the erase process for an DB Node takes about 8 hours

after the erase process finished a complete overview will be shown

The erase process for a Storage node takes about 36 hours

So to do an complete erase for all DB node and Storage Servers you need some time or many USB Sticks ;-)













3 Gedanken zu “Secure Erase of an Exadata System

  1. Thanks Stefan for the detail info. as for as the time concern, how long will it take. based on the Oracle documentation, it takes 56hours fro 4TB. That means 56hours for entire cell node (12 disks) correct ?


    • Hi Mano,

      I don’t remember exactly how long it takes to erase a complete Storage Server.

      It depends on the size of the disks our disks are 2TB and it takes more or less 8 hours but I am not sure.

      Start the job during night or at the weekend then it is safe.



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