Exadata ILOM Web Interface „Launch remote console“


The ILOM web console is a important tool for every Exadata Machine Administrator.

In rare situations you need to launch the remote console but often it doesn’t work.


You need to install a „special“ Java Version which is 32bit on the machine where you would

like to start the ILOM web console. For example in my environment

I had to install „jre1.8.0_91“ on a SuSe Linux machine.

What are the steps to launch the remote console?

  • Setup the Java 32 bit Version
  • Install the Firefox browser other browers are possible
  • Start Firefox and the ILOM Console


  • Start the Login as root with password
  • Select „redirection“


  • Launch „Use Video redirection“
  • Open with the 32 bit Java Version  „/jre1.8.0_91/bin/javaws“
  • confirm with „OK“



  • after a while the console starts (sometimes it take up to 1 minute)




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