Exadata manual ILOM Update Why?


After the last Patching activity we made a quality check

We were really surprised that the ILOM and BIOS on the DB Nodes was not updated

Normally this was implicit done during the Patch implementation

How can you fix this?

First check the actual firmware version 

dcli -l root -g all_group ipmitool sunoem version
s8db1: Version: r89119
s8db2: Version: r89119

Second check the Exadata Machine hardware profile 

/opt/oracle.cellos/CheckHWnFWProfile -d
[root@s8db1 cellbits]# /opt/oracle.cellos/CheckHWnFWProfile
[WARNING] The hardware and firmware does not match with the profile. See details below

<Check_Result Server_Model="Sun_Fire_X4800_M2">
<Required VALUE="15020800"/>
<Found VALUE="15020500"/>
<Required VALUE=" r101426</strong>"/>
<Found VALUE=" r89119</strong>"/>

[WARNING] The hardware and firmware does not match with the profile. See details above

Third fix the old firmware by starting an manual update


Step 1 Check the file dbfw.tbz in directory /opt/oracle.cellos/iso/cellbits to observe that the required 
       ILOM firmware package file is included
# cd /opt/oracle.cellos/iso/cellbits
tar tvf dbfw.tbz| grep -i ILOM
-rw------- root/root 22859968 2015-07-26 02:25 ActualFirmwareFiles/ILOM-3_0_16_34_r101426-Sun_Fire_X4800M2.pkg

Step 2 Update the ILOM version manually
# /opt/oracle.cellos/CheckHWnFWProfile -U /opt/oracle.cellos/iso/cellbits

Step 3 Check for updated ILOM version
# /opt/oracle.cellos/CheckHWnFWProfile -d

Please take care not only the ILOM Service processor will reboot

The whole DB Node is restarted

So do the Update in a rolling manner 


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