opatch lsinv doesn’t show Patching level of clusternodes





We had a strange behaviour while running the „opatch lsinv“ in our Clusterware environment.

The opatch tool doesn’t show at the end the patchlevel and the name of the nodes itself.

It seems that during a lot of patch actions on this cluster that we lost the information inside the inventory.xml file that the CRS is equal true.

After researching of MOS we found a solution for this problem described in Doc-ID 1053393.1.

There ist a possibility to Update a flag CRS=true via the runinstaller in the GRID environment.

So the steps to fix this problem are the following

Our environment is a two node Oracle Enterprise Linux RAC Cluster with GI Software

    -updateNodelist ORACLE_HOME="/u01/app/" CRS=true

Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

Checking swap space: must be greater than 500 MB. Actual 24575 MB Passed
The inventory pointer is located at /etc/oraInst.loc

'UpdateNodeList' was successful.

The "opatch lsinv" command show now the correct Patching Level and name of the Cluster nodes.

Patch level status of Cluster nodes :

Patching Level Nodes
-------------- -----
1146027977 node2,node1

Patch level status of Cluster nodes :

Patching Level Nodes
-------------- -----
1146027977 node2,node1

OPatch succeeded.

Additonal information

Check the software Patching level via the following command and compare the output with the „opatch lsinv“ as shown above.

[oracle@node1 ~]$crsctl query crs softwarepatch
Oracle Clusterware patch level on node node1 is [1146027977]

Yes, it is a good idea from time to time to check if both commands have the same output and also to update the opatch tool in your environment.

The latest opatch version can be downloaded via MOS link https://updates.oracle.com/download/6880880.html





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