tfactl configuration for „repositorydir“


After a system crash Oracle Support asked for a tracefile collection with the option „-all“.

Yes this will be a huge file because the required analysis runs over a few days.

In the default configuration the tfactl repository is under  the Oracle base structure normally „/u01/app/oracle“.

The Filesystem „/u01“ has actually only 20 GB freespace and the collection which has to be done for the cluster generates files of minimum 18 GB.

This means freespace for „/u01“ is very scarce.I need a temporary solution and after a while and reading the tfactl users guide I found a solution.

With the following command „SET REPOSITORYDIR“ it is possible to change the location temporary or permanently.

/u01/app/ set repositorydir=/mnt/gi12102_sr

Successfully changed repository


| Repository Parameter      | Value                          |


| Old Location              | /u01/app/oracle/tfa/repository |

| New Location              | /mnt/gi12102_sr                |

| Current Maximum Size (MB) | 10240                          |

| Current Size (MB)         | 0                              |

| Status                    | OPEN                           |


I started the tfactl and the data collection works fine. Here the comand.

tfactl diagcollect -from "Aug/20/2015 12:00:00" -to "Aug/22/2015 19:00:00"

After the data colection I changed the directory back to the old location.

/u01/app/ set repositorydir=/u01/app/oracle/tfa/repository

For more details take a look to MOS note: TFA Collector – Tool for Enhanced Diagnostic Gathering ( Doc ID 1513912.2 )


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