Exadata notes for daily tasks

During the daily tasks it is very helpful to have a collection of Exadata MOS notes. The following notes are more or less my „Favorites“ from MOS.


Information Center

1306791.2 – „Oracle Exadata Database Machine“

Master Note

888828.1 – Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server Supported Versions

Best Practices

757552.1 – Oracle Exadata Best Practices

1274318.1 – Oracle Sun Database Machine Setup/Configuration Best Practices

1244344.1 – Exadata Starter Kit


Operation Tasks

1473002.1 – Using dbserver_backup.sh to backup compute nodes
1538068.1 – Remove partition if dbserver_backup.sh fails
1428394.1 – Password stuff (pam_talley2)
1093890.1 – Shutdown and startup Exadata and Compute nodes on rack
1446274.1 – ILOM command reference (startup and shutdown Exadata from ILOM)
1520896.1 – DBFS Configuration Health Check
1054431.1 – Configure DBFS on Exadata Checklist
1553103.1 – latest dbnoteupdate.sh note
401749.1  –  Shell Script to Calculate Values Recommended Linux HugePages / HugeTLB Configuration

Cell-Storage Server
1921528.1 – SRDC – EEST Storage Cell General Issues
1306635.1 – Replacement of flash – how to check firmware and status. Resetting status
1188080.1 – Steps to shut down or reboot an Exadata storage cell without affecting ASM 
1477020.1 – Exadata: ASM Diskgroup Showing Status Of _DROPPED_… After Storage Maintance
761868.1   – Oracle Exadata Diagnostic Information required for Disk Failures and some other Hardware issues
1262380.1 – Master note on Exadata patching
1473002.1 – Using ULN to install server patches with YUM
1545789.1 – ISO install Cheat Sheets
1136544.1 – Relinking notes
1553103.1 – Exadata Database Server Patching using the DB Node Update Utility


Software Specific Release Notes

1537407.1 – Oracle 12c

1681467.1 –,, or to Grid Infrastructure and Database Upgrade on Exadata Database Machine running Oracle Linux (Doc ID )

This list is not complete

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