Helpful Exadata Metalink Notes for the lifecycle and maintenance

Here a list with helpful Oracle Exadata MOS Notes for the daily DBA tasks. (I will continuously update the list.)

ID  Description
10386736 Documentation for Exadata 11.2 & 12.1
1306791.2 Information Center: Oracle Exadata Database Machine
888828.1 Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server Supported Versions
1244344.1 Exadata Starter Kit
142281.1 How do I find the Exadata documentation such as Owner and User Guide?
1070954.1 Database Machine Healthcheck exachk (current exachk production version:
1306814.1 Oracle Software Patching with OPLAN
1270094.1 Exadata Critical Issues
1353073.1 Exadata Diagnostics Collection Guide
1187674.1 Master Note for Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exadata Stororage Server
1262380.1 Exadata Testing Practices and Patching Explained
1110675.1 Oracle Exadata Database Machine Monitoring
1094934.1 Best Practices for Data Warehousing on the Database Machine
1269706.1 Best Practices for OLTP Applications on the Database Machine
1071221.1 Oracle Sun Database Machine Backup and Recovery Best Practices
1054431.1 Configuring DBFS on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
960510.1 Data Guard Transport Considerations on Oracle Database Machine
1551288.1 Understanding ASM Capacity and Reservation of Free Space in Exadata
1009715.1 Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) CLI Quick Reference
1317159.1 Changing IP addresses on Exadata Database Machine
1551288.1 Understanding ASM Capacity and Reservation of Free Space in Exadata
1459611.1 How to Calculate Usable_FILE_MB / REQUIRED_MIRROR_FREE_MB
361468.1 HugePages on Oracle Linux 64-bit

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