Manual database upgrade from Oracle to

Manual database upgrade from Oracle to


A lot of Oracle DBA’s doesn’t use the dbua to upgrade an existing database to a new release. They would like to control the upgrade process by themselves.

Following I did an “manually upgrade” to The upgrade based on the Oracle MOS note 1932762.1.

My test environment is OEL 6.5 and software installation. I have a container database “CDB” and some pluggable databases “PDB1, PDB2, PDB3”.

I used this environment for my OCP 12c certification upgrade. This OCP exam actually based on the Oracle  release

I passed the OCP exam and so I could upgrade my environment to test the new features in :-)


Setup and installation of the Oracle software

 First of all I download the Patchset from MOS

It is Patchset 17694377

Unzip the archives and create a new directory structure. Keep in mind that Oracle recommend to do an „out of place upgrade“ which means install in an new directory „structure“.


From the temporary directory I start the installer


Here are some screenshots from the software installation







The software installation was done which is the base for starting the database upgrade

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